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it'll shock you how much it didn't happen

Le Jaguar

a warm place

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meanwhile in poland: 65daysofstatic







The Polaroid Show

"Pussy" Instax photo from eternalmalcontent blog was chosen as one of ten that were exhibited in DOOMED GALLERY during THE POLAROID SHOW in London 12th-14th September 2014

London Analogue Festival

'it'll shock you how much it didn't happen' will be presented during London Analogue Festival 12th-14th September 2014, Bargehouse at OXO Tower Wharf, London opening hours: 10am-8pm

Eternal London

Instagram picture was shortlisted for Instagram Photography Competition (week three) in association with The Photographers' Gallery and The Telegraph.

Hedonist Magazine PL

'it'll shock you how much it didn't happen' was published at Hedonist Magazine PL.

'a warm place' in 50mm Magazine

One of the pictures from 'a warm place' project was published in 1/2013 issue of 50mm Magazine (page 68), created by Projekt 50mm. Have a look.

The editorial in No Cigar Magazine: 'We're not in Wonderland anymore'

No Cigar Magazine published 'it'll shock you how much it didn't happen' at the website.

Impossible Project Space Warsaw

published one photo from my project civilization on their FB page: Impossible Polska

it'll schock you how much it didn't happen

The project was presented, along with the zine 'this game has no name' for the first time during final exhibition of graduates (2011/2012) from Academy of Photography in Cracow.

exhibition: 1-17.12.12 at BAL in Krakow, Poland

'this game has no name'

The zine 'this game has no name' is students collaboration (2011/2012) from Academy of Photography in Cracow.

2012 Concert Photography Awards

Katarzyna ydka / 3rd place in Open Category 2012 CPA / Lech Janerka / 05.08.2011 / Off Festival

exhibition: 18.05-19.06.12 at Cud nad Wis in Warsaw, Poland


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